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    Complete lines

    With over thirty years of experience in the production of machines and more than twenty in the management of complete “turnkey” projects, ACMI is the ideal partner for carrying out complex projects especially for high production speeds.

    Worldwide, ACMI is among the few companies, if not the only one, that designs and manufactures all the machines making up the bottling line (except for labellers and blowing-filling) with the same high technology. This means that the levels of efficiency and performance of the complete installations supplied by ACMI are among the highest on the market. Depending on this, the company in Fornovo Taro is the only one that is able to supply the now famous “Compact Line”, a system that can handle all the components of the line as if they were a single machine, a single unit. This has a number of proven advantages: reduced energy consumption, limited overall space due to the absence of accumulating tables, quick format changeover, ease of management and maintenance, high autonomy of operations thanks to the automatic material feeding systems installed on all the machines and top-class overall efficiency.

    Among the key benefits from the installation of a complete ACMI line it is important to stress:

    • Fast and simple installation (vertical start-up)
    • Total cost of the installation among the lowest in the industry (tco)
    • Scheduled maintenance service for all the machines on the line 
    • The types of complete lines supplied by ACMI are: PET lines, COMPACT PET lines, can lines, glass lines (returnable and non returnable), HDPE lines, keg lines, jar and tin lines, brik lines and 5 gallon lines.

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