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    Scheduled maintenance

    ACMI’s Service Area offers its customers the opportunity to conclude scheduled maintenance procedures to preserve the equipment throughout its operating life, with the direct support of those who designed, installed and started it.



    Scheduled maintenance procedures meet the following characteristics:

    • Personalization. Maintenance plans and interventions are drafted and planned bearing in mind production and organizational requirements of the customers
    • Team of professionals. A “project operator” is appointed to coordinate all the activities provided under the agreement, so that (s)he can guarantee the customer a precise timing and an efficient organization of the intervention – shipment of the components, designation of the qualified personnel responsible for the implementation of assistance 
    • Blocked price. No annual increase in spares and labour prices for the duration of the with estimated savings from 6% to 10% in the case of a three-year agreement
    • Labour. A labour special prize, more advantageous than the current list, is granted to the customer that subscribes the maintenance arrangement
    • Special spares discount. Spares purchased within a scheduled maintenance package benefit from a special discount compared to the current list
    • Personalized training. Scheduled maintenance arrangements includes the personalized training service for the operators, in addition to the relative mentorship on the line from qualified ACMI instructors
    • TCO. The conclusion of a scheduled maintenance arrangement contributes to a significant operating cost reduction and to an improvement of the overall equipment yield
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