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    Spare Parts

    “Spare Parts” service is devoted to everything that concerns the components of the equipment installed by ACMI. Spares are divided into two main categories: those for the maintenance and those for the emergency. Both categories meet the need for the optimization of the equipment operation, minimizing maintenance time and unexpected downtime.


    Lists of maintenance spares

    Spares to be ordered around two months before every review:

    • Components for routine maintenance and periodic reviews
    • Consumer and preventive maintenance components


    Lists of emergency spares

    Spares to be ordered at the time of purchase or for the rehabilitation of warehouse stocks in order to reduce downtime:

    • Strategic components
    • Electric and pneumatic components kit

    In order to receive an offer, it is possible to download the pre-filled Excel template (it contains macro to be activated):

    Twisterbox Fenix Condor Faster Thunder Rasar Spider Rotofilm Conveying systems and automation Pet lines Pet compact lines One way glass lines Returnables Glass lines Can lines Keg lines Jar lines HDPE lines Brik lines 5 gallon lines

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