ACMI presents a revolutionary, new concept capable of giving an innovative appearance to the product. This new idea, which for convenience we will call “sleeve” project, is aimed at all those customers who require a new type of packaging for display in the store. ACMI’s “sleeve” project is on two types of machines: Easypack and Easymax.

In essence, the sleeve project employs special elastic bands to create packages of two bottles (duopack) or four bottles (fourpack). The packs of two bottles may also be grouped together and have a handle applied to them in order to form a logistic pack of six units. In this case a sleeve is used, usually of neutral colour, which joins together three duopacks.

To present this new concept of packaging in an effective and enjoyable way, on 28th April this year ACMI published the first episode of a story that talks precisely about the advantages of this new type of packaging. The story is called “Bottle in Wonderland”, referring to the famous “Alice in Wonderland”. The tale in question will lead the reader on an amazing journey allowing him to discover the advantages and marvels of the sleeve. “Bottle in Wonderland” is told through animated gifs published on ACMI’s social channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Youtube) and was made by the illustrator from Parma Camilla Locatelli.

Bottle in Wonderland

The Machines

The machines designed by ACMI for the production of multipacks meet many requirements: reducing the costs of the packaging process, reducing environmental impact (energy and material consumption), reducing the area occupied in the plant, increasing the flexibility of packaging, implementing the capabilities of repackaging processes and providing marketing with new competitive leverage. ACMI offers two systems for the production of multipacks: Easypack and Easymax.

Once upon a time there was a lonely bottle that was in search of its ideal packaging. In a world of six packs it felt out of place, they were so cumbersome… and grey. It felt different. 

The lonely bottle began its search. "Is it possible that the world has only these 3x2 packs?" it kept asking itself.  

And so it went to the United Kingdom because it had heard that there it would find the answer to its question. But unfortunately it found nothing. London was populated by the usual grey packs, all crumpled and dull. No one could help it and so it set out for Rome.

“Rome: the Eternal City. Here I’ll definitely find what I’m looking for!”. But alas, not even Rome was able to satisfy our lonely bottle.

Not even along the ancient Great Wall of China was our bottle able to find satisfaction to its desires.

Even it didn’t know what it was actually looking for. It continued its search in the ever-romantic city of Paris, but even here it didn’t find anything new, only the usual insignificant packs.

It went to the other end of the world, but not even in Rio did it find what it was looking for.

It wandered and wandered from continent to continent, from the poles to the equator. But all the cities were populated by the usual 3x2 packs. Anonymous, sad packs, set in their shrink wrap film.

It dived back into the sea and went up the most important rivers in search of a solution…

And so it found itself alone, dejected, back to square one. Nothing had changed. Who could help it?

“Hey, wait a minute… who are you? Another lonely bottle like me?” our protagonist exclaimed enthusiastically. “Of course, you’re also looking for a new type of packaging that can keep us together, aren’t you?”.

“We’re exactly alike even though our colour is different. How can we be together? – Our protagonist exclaimed – Around here there are all six packs, with little colour and what’s more full of wrinkles due to the shrink-wrapping… Is it possible that no one has bothered to pack two bottles together and form a … a … a duopack?”. “That’s what we are, we’re a couple, we’re a duopack!”.

“Come with me! – the newcomer said – I’ve also been searching for a long time without finding a solution. But now that we’ve met, we’re stronger. We’ve been searching for each other for a long time, now we have to find a way to be packaged together”. 

As they ventured into the woods, the two bottles saw a colourful glow… “What’s that?” they exclaimed in unison. And so they followed the strange object that looked like a colour changing butterfly.

The more they followed it, the more the surrounding area was filled with colour. “Who are you?” they asked. “I am a sleeve…” it replied. “And what is a sleeve?” they asked. “I’m the one who creates the duopacks! Unique, innovative, colourful, beautiful and aesthetically unmatched packs …” replied the colour changing butterfly again. “But how?” the two bottles asked, more and more interested. “Come with me… - the sleeve replied – I will lead you to the magical portal of ACMI. It’s thanks to that that the bottles are transformed into colourful duopacks”. And so they followed it. 

Once they reached the edge of the wood our two bottles found themselves in an enchanted glade. Other pairs of bottles emerged from everywhere and went straight towards a kind of magical portal on top of which stood an inscription consisting of four letters: A-C-M-I.

They took heart and made their way to the magical portal, too. The sleeve they had met in the woods followed them from above, determined to consecrate their union through its elastic power.

Our two protagonists had finally found what they were looking for, their ideal packaging. The sleeve joining them together was resistant and comfortable at the same time … and had strong communicative power. It was smooth, wrinkle free, beautiful and colourful.

The world of packaging would never be the same as before. The real alternative to the 3x2 packs was created: the duopack! An innovative packaging system particularly suited to the world of soft drinks. Colour, communication, aesthetics, reliability, resistance ... all thanks to the portal created by ACMI, an innovation which bears the name of Easypack.

Hey you, yes you dear reader, you who have had the patience and the curiosity to follow us up to this point of the journey … the next time you go to the supermarket and walking down the aisles you buy this new type of packaging remember “Bottle in Wonderland” … the duopack you have in your hands might just be the protagonist of this story. Thank you for allowing yourself to be carried away in the wonderful world of “Bottle in Wonderland” and for having dreamed with us.

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