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    In addition to the series of traditional palletisers intended for lines with reduced capacity and speed, ACMI has a product portfolio specialized in high performance dedicated particularly to the beverage industry, where the filling speeds are reaching very high levels.

    All these high-end systems are industrially produced, with a concept of standardisation to improve performance, facilitate maintenance and simplify the management of spare parts.

    The massive use of owner or acquired robotic technology allows ACMI systems to achieve high performance, have great realiability and almost no maintenance.


    Product range:

    • TWISTERBOX - Continuous layer formation systems.
    • FENIX - Line of high efficiency shrink wrappers and tray formers with automatic changeover systems.
    • CONDOR - Multifunction robot, crater and carton packer.
    • FASTER - THUNDER - RASAR – Complete line of palletisers and depalletisers.
    • COMPAKT - Line of compact and high performance palletisers.
    • ROCKET - VORTEX - Versatile rotating ring, arm and pallet stretch wrappers.
    • VIPER - A new concept of mechanical handle applicator with electronic spacing system.
    • EASYPACK - The new frontier in packaging, the “multipack”.
    • SPIDER - Traditional craters.
    • LINE ENGINEERING - Design and automation of complete lines, engineering services.
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