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Can line - 60.000 cph

Can line - 90.000 cph


ACMI is amongst the accredited suppliers of the most important multinational groups of the soft drinks and beer industries with regard to the production of highly efficient can lines. Thanks to the Twisterbox patent for continuous layer formation, the Faster high level infeed palletiser, the automatic reel changeovers of the shrink wrappers and stretch wrappers and the automatic format changeovers of the pack and can conveyors, the Italian company is able to offer the market an innovative end of line system and handle rated filling speeds of more than 120,000 cans per hour. ACMI designs, installs and commisions complete can lines of any capacity and with any format.

  • ACMI can manage the entire project as the main contractor
  • Produces all the machines connected to the dry part of the line
  • Holds patents for two key innovations to ensure the high speeds of modern can lines, Twisterbox and Faster HS
  • Manages the integration, automation and wiring of the entire line
  • Automatic format changeover on all the can and pack conveyors
  • Any production speed
  • Any can format
  • Any pack configuration, including 2x2 without double packaging

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