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    Heineken UK

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    Two can lines of 90,000 cph. Formats: 0.4 – 0.5 L.

    ACMI dealt with the production of an innovative end of line at the “Royal Brewery” factory in Manchester. The palletisation system is able to handle two high speed can lines with twenty-four different pack configurations, from 3x2 to 6x4. To achieve this, ACMI used the Twisterbox layer formation system, an innovation (patented) that allows the continuous formation of the layer with any configuration and with any type of product. Twisterbox is a system consisting of a series of robotic arms, three in the case in question, that have grippers capable of handling the product moving along a conveyor in the machine. The packs that come from the conveyors are fed into the Twisterbox passing through a coupler belt that places them at a set distance. Once they are spaced out, the packs or groups of packs are handled by the grippers to form the desired layer configuration.



    The great advantage of this system is its high production efficiency and excellent work flexibility. To this must be added the lack of maintenance required and the high running speed that Twisterbox reaches even with small and fragile packs just like, for example, packs of beer of 6 cans. Moreover, all the format changeover operations are managed exclusively by software without any mechanical intervention by the operator. The Twisterbox installed at Heineken is second generation with carbon grippers that are much lighter and thinner than the previous ones. This reduced thickness makes it possible to increase the number of packs in the machine as less space is required between one pack and another for the insertion of the grippers.



    ACMI has worked on its fast Faster pack palletiser and has developed a version with an even better performance. The high speed (HS) version is able to reach more than 600 layers per hour and improve pallet formation cycle times by about 15% compared to traditional models. This was achieved by introducing some technical details that have reduced to zero the pallet changeover time.

    When the complete pallets are fed out of the palletiser, they reach two fast rotating ring stretch wrappers by means of a roller conveyor system. Both models are equipped with an inverter with a potentiometer which adjusts the upward and downward movement of the wrapping spiral and the tension of the film.

    To sum up, the end of line installed at Heineken UK consists of a series of pack conveyors equipped with an automatic format changeover system, two Twisterbox layer formation systems, two Faster HS palletisers and four rotating ring stretch wrappers. The system guarantees a production capacity of 240,000 cans per hour for all twenty-four configurations required, including the 3x2 pack with or without double packaging.

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