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    Compakt TT

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    Compakt is a new palletiser concept which gathers into a single structure a series of functions which, by receiving the single packs coming from the line, return the full pallet. It differs from traditional palletisers because, in fact, it has nothing in common with them, being based on a module structure and robotic applications with very small overall dimensions. The abbreviation TT stands for "Twisterbox Twin" and is distinguished from the Twisterbox by the fact that it mounts two independent grippers on the same arm. This considerably reduces the space occupied compared to the solution with two separate arms.

    Main features:

    • Compact structure
    • High performance
    • Twisterbox Twin system
    • Carbon grippers
    • One control panel for the entire machine
    • Low running and maintenance costs
    • Possibility of integration with the Vortex stretch wrapper

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