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    Compakt HS

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    ACMI has presented a new end of line concept that includes a low level infeed palletiser able to reach more than 520 layers per hour with any type of product and with the insertion of interlayers: this innovative palletiser has been called Compakt HS.

    It is a palletisation system which integrates in a single "low level infeed" structure all the functions of a high speed palletiser. ACMI managed to apply its own management technology of the interlayers of fast Faster high level infeed palletisers to this innovative palletiser that achieves high performance without the need to be placed on a platform. Compakt HS has the following advantages:

    • 520 layers/hour with the application of the interlayer
    • Ultrafast machine in a small space
    • “Low level infeed” structure, greater accessibility
    • Great adaptability
    • Elimination of the platform and relative pack elevators
    • Simplified maintenance operations
    • Energy saving
    • High efficiency

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