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    Condor robot

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    Used in repacking lines, PET lines, keg lines, glass lines and can lines, with palletising, depalletising, crating, carton packing, and decrating functions, suitable for low-speed lines in the food sector and able to be equipped with very flexible “magnetic” heads thanks to the automatic head changeover, the Condor series of robots are the most versatile machines in the ACMI range. Available in different versions depending on the workload to be carried out, they can be designed with 4 or 6 axes. Perfect for any type of line, except for the very high speeds, their flexibility also allows easy integration on existing lines.

    With this equipment, the Condor robot takes the name of P136 and is suitable for palletising, in combination with the Twisterbox layer formation system, packs, trays, cartons and crates (in this last case a P180 model perimeter pad head is used), also in a multiliner configuration.

    A special pick-up head transforms the Condor robot into a perfect and compact end of line for low speeds, particularly appreciated in the food sector.

    The Condor P220, equipped with a pick-up head for loose bottles, becomes an excellent very flexible and compact tray former, while for high-speed lines, when at least two robots are needed to manage production, ACMI prefers to install the Traymax HS model inline tray former.
    Thanks to the automatic head changeover, the Condor robot is usually used by ACMI in all those end-of-line systems that require the greatest possible flexibility when having to palletise with the same machine both loose bottles on cardboard trays and packs of bottles on the pallet. This is when the Condor robot changes from P136 to P220 and vice versa within a matter of minutes.

    ACMI manufactures a wide range of pick-up heads for loose bottles that allow the Condor robot to perform very well the functions of crater, carton packer and decrater both for glass bottles and for PET bottles. The crating and carton packing heads can also be self-adjusting to adapt to the different types of packaging.

    The range would not be complete without the magnetic head, particularly suitable for palletising and depalletising functions on tins and jars at medium-low speed.

    Finally, ACMI also has to its credit numerous installations on lines for big bottles (5 gallons), oversize PET bottles (10-15 litres) and on keg lines of any type and size (6 kg kegs and 20, 30 and 50 litre kegs to cite some examples). ACMI robots, absolute versatility in a small space!

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