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    End of line

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    ACMI: flexible end-of-line solutions.

    An end of line so compact that it fits into a 150 square-metre flat? With ACMI’s technological solutions this is possible. We are talking about an innovative solution that uses the best technologies available to package duopacks at a speed of 21,600 bottles per hour in the 1.5 L. format. And that’s not all, this system is environmentally friendly as it does not use glue or heat (as a shrink wrapper would do) to package the packs and uses recycled material for both the elastic sleeves and the top cover film.


    Easypack is the first machine of this exceptional end of line and is a system for packaging loose bottles that uses elastic bands (called sleeves) both to package the two-bottle packs (duopacks), and to combine the duopacks in a logistic pack of 6 bottles. It is a very fast and flexible machine that can be configured with two, three or four application heads (each head reaches a maximum speed of 60 packs per minute) and can be inserted either in new lines or in existing lines alternately or with the shrink wrapper. The two-bottle pack (duopack) consists of an elastic sleeve, which can also be made of recycled material, fully printable and customizable, which guarantees an unparalleled aesthetic result and excellent shelf presence.


    The logistic packs coming out of the Easypack are managed by the Twisterbox system, the most famous and long-lived layer formation system in the sector. The first model installed in 2002 is still fully operational, capable of great flexibility in a very small space. The Twisterbox manipulates the packs and prepares them in layers suitable for palletising. The robotic carbon grippers and the special conveyor belt make this system extremely delicate with the products: all the movements of the packs take place without the use of bars or pushers. The Twisterbox can be configured with one, two or three modules and reaches a maximum speed of 140,000 cans per hour in the 3x2 configuration without overpacking. This last aspect, far from secondary, allows a saving of costs and a reduction of the plastic used for packaging.

    Condor P136 Robot

    The palletising phase is managed by the Condor P136 robot with an “openable platform” head. The robot receives the layer from the Twisterbox and transfers it to the pallet by performing a 90° rotation. The special carbon roller gripping head also inserts the interlayers between the layers, an operation that the Condor robot manages at the same time as the deposit of the layer.

    Rocket stretch wrapper

    The Rocket model rotating pallet stretch wrapper is among the most innovative stretch wrappers on the market. It mounts 500 mm, 750 mm and 1,000 mm reels and reaches a maximum speed of 165 pallets per hour (value obtained with seven wrapping turns on half pallets). Extremely technological and performing, it can be positioned in line or at 90°. The most interesting aspect is the electronic pre-stretch system, capable of pre-stretching the film by even over 400% and managing the values of each wrapping phase with extreme precision. It can be equipped with the automatic changeover system of the entire pre-stretch unit, not only of the reel, guaranteeing very high operating autonomy. Finally, since ACMI is also attentive to aspects that impact the environment, it is interesting to highlight that the top cover positioning system can also handle film reels made of recycled material.


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