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    HS line

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    The high-speed palletiser line consists of two models, both identified by the acronym HS (High Speed): the first is a high level infeed model, evolution of the Faster model, and is called Faster HS; the second is a low level infeed model called Compakt HS. Both of these machines, which are the fastest in the range of palletisers proposed by ACMI, share “active” product transfer systems and tools that allow the interlayer insertion and pallet change time to be reset.

    Faster HS

    Faster HS is a high level infeed palletiser capable of reaching a maximum speed of six hundred layers per hour with interlayer application. This speed can be reached with any type of package, including 2x2 can packs and can packs packed in trays even without any overpackaging. ACMI’s Research and Development Department has developed a superimposed platform system that allows Faster HS to never stop the production cycle while waiting for a pallet, as the pallet is fed simultaneously with the formation and deposit ing of layers on the platform positioned above. The interlayer insertion system, on the other hand, is similar to that used on the traditional Faster, and uses a set of linear guides for product handling and positioning between layers.


    Products are fed to the Faster HS palletiser by means of the very fast 3-module Twisterbox layer formation system. The three-module configuration is the fastest available on the market and can handle the palletisation of 140,000 cans per hour also packaged in small packs (2x2 and 3x2). In addition, the Twisterbox system allows for perfect layer formation even when it comes to packages with unstable or not consistant products.


    Externally, the Faster HS is a sturdy “portal”, clean line construction, which requires very little maintenance. The rollers for the transfer of the layer positioned on the lower platform are made of carbon fibre, and product handling takes place by means of motorised belts avoiding the use of bars and pushers. Thanks to these features, the Faster HS represents the jewel in the crown of high level infeed palletisers.

    Compakt HS

    The other model of the HS line was however created, within the “Compact Line” design. With the evolution of the design and the increase in line production speeds, it was necessary to redesign the original model, the Compakt palletiser, by developing a completely new system capable of achieving an extraordinary speed for a low level infeed palletiser, speed that reaches 520 layers per hour even with the application of the interlayer. This new palletiser model is called Compakt HS and can be used in all high-speed lines where it is essential to keep all machines at the same quota for space requirements but also for easier operator management and for maintenance. A “low level” infeed machine in fact is a product which is easier to maintain and access. Also in this case, the formation of the layer is carried out by the 3 module Twisterbox® system. There is no other way to feed a palletiser so fast.


    The Compakt HS has a portal structure that contains platforms dedicated to pallet formation. The machine is equipped with a double platform and a patented system for inserting interlayers. The two platforms move in a synchronised way to optimise the layer transfer time and pallet formation. But, from a technical point of view, the most important aspect - which is also one of the measures that enable Compakt HS to exceed five hundred layers per hour - is the interlayer insertion system. This operation occurs at the same time as the layer transfer phase on the pallet and does not interfere, from a time point of view, with the palletiser work cycle. ACMI has been able to apply the interlayer management technology of the Faster series (high level infeed palletisers) to this innovative low level infeed palletiser.

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