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    Rocket stretchwrapper

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    ACMI has designed a revolutionary stretch wrapper based on SCARA robotic technology. This high performance stretch wrapper, which mounts a reel of 1000 mm, can be inserted into any bottling and packaging line with great saving in terms of running and maintenance costs.

    The robotic stretch wrapper has the following features:

    • Rotating pallet system
    • Supports reels with a height of 1000 mm
    • Roping system for pallet stabilization
    • Based on SCARA robotic technology
    • Top speed of 130 pallets per hour
    • Automatic pre-stretching unit changeover system
    • Film pre-stretching capacity of up to 400%
    • Bar against bar film welding (the welding does not take place on the surface of the product)
    • Top cover dispenser system
    • Hermetic cycle system (waterproof)

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