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    Traymax HS

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    The high level of technology reached in the design and construction of innovative packaging systems has allowed ACMI to develop a highly efficient tray former which packs loose bottles and bipacks directly on 600 x 400, 600 x 800 and 600 x 1000 half-trays.

    Once the pallets of trays have reached the sales outlet, either belonging to the large-scale retail trade or the discount network, they are freed of the stretch wrap film and placed near the shelves. The final consumer can then pick up the single bottles, or the bipacks, directly from the tray which performs the function of an innovative and ecological exhibitor. In fact, the tray is fully printable and customizable and, as it is made of recyclable cardboard, it is definitely more environmentally friendly than the film used for stretch wrapping the packs.

    In this way, ACMI offers advantages both for the bottling customer, who saves on packaging material and costs, and for the large-scale retail trade, which no longer has to deal with placing the product on the shop shelf.

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