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    The second generation of the Twisterbox layer formation system (patented) has been further improved both in terms of the programming as well as mechanical aspects. The numerous Twisterbox machines in operation, together with the new production requirements and formats, have contributed to increasing  ACMI’s know-how to the point of placing the Twisterbox system a step forward compared to other solutions on the market.


    The grippers are now built in carbon and have a new design. This has made the grippers lighter, more resistant and with less overall dimensions. In this way, the new grippers are able to move at a higher speed improving the performance of the entire machine.

    Another aspect that characterizes the second generation is the opening and closing movement of the grippers that has gone from asymmetrical to concentric improving precision in the gripping phase. Furthermore, the opening and closing movement can be operated continuously or step-by-step so as to allow the grippers to move at a greater speed amongst the flow of packs to be palletised.

    The new grippers also reduce the number of format changeovers since for each setting the grippers can handle a wider range of similar formats. The Twisterbox can handle any type of container and content while maintaining a very high running speed. A second generation Twisterbox can handle 3x2 multipacks of cans at a speed of 140,000 pieces per hour palletised even without double packaging.

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