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    Danone - Volvic

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    A PET line of 12,000 bph. Formats: 3 - 5 L.

    The Danone group commissioned ACMI with the production of a big bottle PET line at their Volvic factory in France where the homonymous mineral water is bottled. This line makes it possible to handle two formats of packs or palletised loose bottles on trays.



    Once the bottles have been filled and capped, they reach the Fenix 245 two-lane shrink wrapper equipped with an automatic film changeover. This system allows the productivity of the machine to be optimized because it does not need to be stopped to replace the finished reel. Using an external box containing two reels, and a film unwinding system placed below the bottle sliding plane, the ACMI shrink wrapper is able to change the finished reel of film with the new reel in the box in about ten seconds. After this operation during which the running speed has been reduced automatically, the machine reaches the set production speed again and the operator can replace the finished reel without interfering with machine functioning.



    The labeller and handle applicator are positioned at the shrink wrapper outfeed. The handle applicator is stopped when the palletisation programme is set on the “loose” option. Another interesting machine that is present on the line is the Compakt palletiser. This machine was chosen due to factory height requirements, the Compakt palletiser is an extraordinary machine which combines the two module Twisterbox layer formation system with special grippers for large formats, the telescopic trolley for the formation of the pallet, the SCARA robot to supply trays, interlayers and pallets and the tray insertion system. The Compakt palletiser can palletise indifferently on pallets, half-pallets and trays.

    The advantages of the machine are obvious: small overall dimensions, accessibility, high performance and flexibility. Compakt can also be integrated with a Vortex fixed pallet stretch wrapper. However, the Volvic line ends with a traditional rotating arm stretch wrapper.



    An important element to consider is the design of passages between one conveyor and another. In fact, amongst the various technical aspects derived from handling large and heavy bottle formats is the stability involved during the packaging phase. To avoid the undesired falling of bottles, ACMI designed and installed special motorized passages which accompany the bottles and packs and prevent them from falling.

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