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    Ferrarelle - Boario

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    A Compact line of 35,200 bph. Format: 0. 5 - 1 - 2 L.

    ACMI provided the Darfo Boario Terme factory, belonging to the Ferrarelle group, with a multiformat compact line. The complexity of the supply depended not only on the technological nature of the lines, but also on the coordination with the restructuring operations of the factory. Moving on to the description of the supply it is interesting to note that the multiformat line installed at Boario was designed following the philosophy of the so-called “compact line”.

    The multiformat line functioning at Boario Terme is capable of handling 0.5, 1 and 2 litre PET bottles in 3x2 and 6x4 pack configurations with a rated filling speed of 35,200 bottles per hour. The extraordinary novelty, and surprising aspect when entering the renovated factory, is the total absence of accumulation tables except for the one located at the blowing-filling unit outfeed. The machines are programmed and integrated so as to constantly synchronize the respective speeds depending on the individual working characteristics. The first interesting “synchronism” consists of the labeller-shrink wrapper units which are connected to each other by a simple conveyor system. The bottles are fed into the labeller on one lane and are fed out on six rows already prepared to be fed into the Fenix shrink wrapper, without requiring any accumulation.



    The Fenix shrink wrapper is equipped with an external automatic film changeover system that allows the machine to work continuously even during the film changeover and finished reel replacement operations. To produce a complete line based on the “compact” concept it is essential for the machines making up the line to have two basic requirements: high efficiency and a fully automatic material supply system. This is the only way to ensure such high performance and efficiency.



    Further down the multiformat line is the new mechanical ACMI handle applicator and a spiral elevator which conveys the packs to a higher level to meet the specific layout requirements imposed by the structure of the factory.



    At this point of the line there is another famous ACMI patent: the Twisterbox continuous layer formation system. The Twisterbox system installed at Boario is the two module kind and is able to handle any type of container with the utmost precision and reliability, reducing to a minimum pressure and oscillation on the product. The layer formed in this way is transferred to the Faster high level infeed palletiser. This palletisation unit is equipped with a fully automatic interlayer and pallet supply system which is run by the SCARA robot, yet another innovation introduced by ACMI. To complete the line there is another innovation: the Rocket rotating pallet stretch wrapper. The stretch wrapper in question is equipped with an electronic pre-stretching system which reaches a tensioning capacity of 400%. A series of elevators and lowerators transfer the finished pallets to the warehouse floor.



    The advantages of the system installed at Boario can be summarized as follows:

    • Reduction in consumption, purchasing and maintenance costs by eliminating the conveyors, tables and relative motorisations;
    • Reduction in total cost of installation (TCO);
    • Maximum line efficiency by adapting in real time the speed of the individual machines resulting in overall energy saving;
    • Less consumption of material;
    • Simplicity and speed in passing from one format of bottles to another;
    • Ease of management of the line (all the machines are equipped with automatic material feeding systems);
    • Possibility of using PET bottles with very thin walls (the bottles are not subjected to harmful crushing due to the accumulating tables);
    • Reduction in the space occupied by the line.
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