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    A returnable glass line of 30,000 bph. Formats: 0.5 – 0.75 - 1 L.

    ACMI supplied a complete series of Condor robots (depalletiser, palletiser, decrater, crater) at the Surgiva factory in the province of Trento.



    The Surgiva returnable glass line is characterized by the use of the Condor robot in all its possible forms: palletiser, depalletiser, crater and decrater. The insertion of the robots demonstrates the great versatility of this machine which can reach maximum efficiency thanks to the special gripping heads designed by ACMI.

    The four Condor robots were supplied and installed at different times and gradually replaced the traditional less flexible and efficient craters and palletisers. In detail, the depalletiser robot has a capacity of 450 kg and unstacks the crates containing empty bottles. The decrater robot is able to extract 48 bottles per cycle and transfer them onto the bottle conveyors supplied by ACMI. At this stage, the bottles go through all the typical processes of a returnable line to reach the last two Condor robots that deal with the packaging process. Therefore, the third robot is a decrater with a production speed of four crates per cycle, equipped with an intelligent antipressure infeed system to protect the labels and bottles against wear and tear. The last robot deals with the palletisation cycle and prepares the product for storage in the warehouse and subsequent transportation. All the robots are run by an easy-to-use operator panel and, due to their layout in the line, can be followed by a single operator.



    A line formed by the Condor robot instead of the more traditional crater, has significant advantages in terms of occupied space, reliability and overall performance. Furthermore, the ability to switch from one format to another fully automatically and use new formats without the need for modifications or mechanical interventions make this machine an excellent medium to long term investment.

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