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    Pepsi - Britvic SD

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    A can line of 90,000 cph. Format: 0.33 L.

    A PET line of 18,000 bph. Format: 2 L.

    At the Rugby (UK) factory the customer Britvic Soft Drinks, an official bottler of the PEPSI brand, commissioned ACMI with the production of two innovative high capacity ends of line. The project consists of a can and PET end of line with “multiliner” function, able to handle alternately loose bottles and packs.



    The can is designed to be able to handle different formats, the 3x2 pack or the 24 can. The part of the line entrusted to ACMI consists of a series of conveyors and elevators able to convey the packs of cans from the shrink wrapper outfeed to the palletisation system which is on a higher level. Through the use of a two-level mobile bend, the packs of cans follow different runs according to whether they are packs of 6 or 24 cans.



    The palletisation system consists of the ingenious Twisterbox, an ACMI patent that has revolutionized the way to “make the layer”, and a fast Faster palletiser. The Twisterbox installed on this line is second generation with carbon grippers and consists of 3 modules able to handle a filling production capacity of 90,000 cans/hour. Following on there is  a series of roller conveyors designed by ACMI made to enable the sorting of several complete pallets coming from different lines. The line ends with the rotating ring stretch wrapper and the electronic pre-stretching.



    As regards the supply of the PET end of line, this begins with a large spiral elevator that carries the packs and the loose bottles to the palletisation level where a long series of conveyors leads the product to the “multiliner” palletiser, formed once again by the Twisterbox system associated with the Condor robot.



    The Condor robot is able to handle, on the one hand, the layers of packs prepared by the Twisterbox and on the other, through a fully automatic head changeover system, the loose bottles. Also on this line, ACMI installed a second generation 3 module Twisterbox with carbon grippers, able to handle effectively packs of 8 bottles. The layers formed in this way are transferred to the Condor robot that handles them through the use of an openable platform head. At this point of the process, the layers are transferred to a lower level and palletised on half-pallets.



    After the pack palletisation, the Condor robot changes the gripping head fully automatically and, equipped with a tulip head, proceeds with the palletisation of loose bottles. A system of roller conveyors conveys the full pallets to the fast rotating ring stretch wrapper, able to halve the times compared to a traditional stretch wrapper. The line in question has a filler capacity of 18,000 2 L. bottles/hour.

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