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    A glass line of 18,000 bph. Formats: from 0.75 to 1.5 L. (12 formats).

    The Mezzacorona winery commissioned ACMI as the main contractor with the design, installation and commissioning of a bottling line of 18,000 bottles per hour able to handle twelve different formats, from 0.75 to 1.5 litres, even with truncated cone-shaped bottles. The new line was installed in a fully redesigned area of the winery to house this innovative system.



    For the first time in this sector SCARA robots were introduced to handle the storage of interlayers and pallets on the bottle depalletiser and carton palletiser. The SCARA robot is a very compact system that requires virtually no maintenance.


    RASAR D200

    Rasar D200 is the reliable low level bottle depalletiser built using all necessary measures to maintain the integrity of the containers during the destacking and laning phases. The line then consists of a long series of covered conveyors which connect all the machines from the filler to the labeller.



    In this part of the line the Condor carton packer robot with a self-adjusting head is able to handle each cycle six bottles by ten cartons or twelve bottles by five cartons even without the use of separators.



    The Twisterbox installed is second generation and has the new, very thin and resistant carbon grippers. The Twisterbox layer formation system is an ACMI patent which allows the handling of any type of container with the greatest accuracy and reliability, while minimizing the pressure and shock on the product. The palletisation system is completed with the Condor P136 palletiser robot. This special configuration allows the customer to handle carton packaging and loose bottle palletisation.

    In conclusion, it can safely be said that the Mezzacorona line is at the forefront, exceptionally flexible in handling formats and characterized by a very high level of automation.

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