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    The Viper handle applicator line consists of single, double and triple lane models. The Viper handle applicator combines elements of models with mechanical action along with characteristics of the electronic models to offer high levels of performance and flexibility, at the same time maintaining great functioning reliability.


    Viper handle applicators are widely used in the beverage sector, where the insertion of the handle on the pack makes it easier to transport. These machines can be introduced after the Fenix shrink wrapper and after the innovative Easypack multipacker, in both cases they have the same function. Furthermore, by combining the particular constructive characteristics that allow them to adapt to fluctuations in the line speed, Viper handle applicators are suitable for applications on traditional lines and for applications on lines designed according to the “compact” concept, such as, the ACMI Compact Line.


    With a simple, clean structure, Viper handle applicators offer very high performance and can reach up to 100 packs per minute. The high performance achieved by the ACMI handle applicator is due to the use of a single applicator arm and the electronic spacing system which requires a minimum distance between one pack and the next of just 10 centimetres. This mixed electronic-mechanical system represents the great technological leap made by ACMI and gives the machine exceptional flexibility in production. Moreover, this system eliminates the use of spacing worm screws with obvious advantages in terms of ease in the format changeover operations and safeguarding of the packs against chafing and abrasion which can damage them. Other advantages can be summarized as follows: compact structure, independent application heads, structure accessible and easy to inspect, quick format changeover.

    • Compact structure
    • Electronic spacing
    • Independent application heads
    • Structure accessible and easy to inspect
    • Touch screen operator panel
    • Quick format changeover
    • Suitable for applications on ACMI compact lines


    The handle application unit is made up of a mechanical arm mounted on a cam which ends with a special application gripper. This system makes it possible to apply the handle with a continuous cycle movement while the product is fed on the motorized belt underneath. All the application unit is driven by a single motor. The high performance reached by the ACMI handle applicator is also due to the use of an electronic spacing system which requires a minimum distance between one pack and the next of just 10 centimetres. These two features allow the machine to handle a greater flow of packs, per unit of time, compared to traditional models. In addition, the handle applicator guides the handle at all times during the application phase, since it always remains in the special seat formed inside the application gripper.


    A special infeed conveyor, electronically controlled and synchronized with the application arm, performs the spacing that was once carried out by the spacing worm screws. The advantages of this system are obvious: reduced maintenance, no rubbing on the packs and simplicity in the format changeover operations that are managed by software.

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