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    Twisterbox is a continuous layer formation system. This system consists of a series of robotic arms equipped with special grippers which move according to a specific programme that positions the packs and forms a complete layer. The layer is then transferred to the palletiser.


    This system can be used in all sectors of the beverage and food industry. Thanks to the incredible flexibility and operating speed, the Twisterbox can effectively handle any type of container or pack: PET bottles, 10 litre big bottles, glass bottles, clusters of bottles, cans, packs of cans, hi-cone cans, jars, glass containers, plastic crates, cartons, etc. At the moment there are no limitations to its use, since the Twisterbox can be programmed depending on the product to be handled and the layer composition requirement. The machine is usually placed before the palletiser or robot, so that they can work together. Depending on the requested operating speed, the machine is equipped with one or more modules and associated with a palletiser or robot that has the same production capacity (the module is an arm with a gripper). The Twisterbox systems that are currently functioning handle over 200 different formats.


    ACMI patented the Twisterbox system in 2002, revolutionizing the method of “layer formation”. The machine has been constantly improved over the years both mechanically and electronically. The experience gained from the numerous installations is a concrete advantage for the customer. Today the Twisterbox is presented with a new outer structure that makes it easier to access for operators and with new grippers made of special material that are able to move even faster in the work area. The format changeover operations are managed exclusively by software, without any manual intervention on the grippers or on the machine structure. Furthermore, ACMI mainly uses components that are easily found in the marketplace even by the customer, helping everyday maintenance and reducing waiting time for spare parts.

    • Available with one, two or three gripping modules
    • TT (Twisterbox Twin) configuration with twin grippers
    • Top speed of 140,000 cans per hour with 2x2 packs
    • Tray former function
    • Possibility of performing product facing
    • Perfect rotation and positioning
    • No shock on the product
    • Multiliner function
    • Possibility of handling products with special shapes and fragile contents
    • Suitable for handling PET bottles with ultrathin walls
    • No maintenance
    • Simple and fast format changeover procedure. No mechanical intervention by the operator
    • Wide flexibility, the Twisterbox is suitable for high and low production levels
    • Can be integrated with the entire range of ACMI palletisers


    The Twisterbox system allows a number of configurations depending on production requirements and requested palletisation speeds: the Twisterbox has one, two or three modules that mounts respectively one, two or three grippers and the Twisterbox Twin has one or two modules that mounts respectively two or four grippers.

    By way of example, here are some of the possible combinations with ACMI palletisers:

    • Very high speed (ideal for can lines): 3 module Twisterbox + Faster or Faster HS high level infeed palletiser
    • High speed: 2 module Twisterbox + Compakt HS or Thunder palletiser with double mobile platform
    • Medium/high speed: 2 module Twisterbox/Twisterbox Twin + Compakt palletiser or Rasar P135H palletiser with high level infeed
    • Medium/low speed: 2 module Twisterbox/Twisterbox Twin + Condor palletiser robot (ideal for multiliner configurations) or Rasar P135 or Rasar P136
    • Medium/low speed: 1 module Twisterbox/Twisterbox Twin + Condor palletiser robot or Rasar P135 or Rasar P136


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