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    The high speed Acmi palletisers are all part of the Faster series. This machine is capable of palletising up to 600 layers/hr in the high speed version, named HS. The Faster is a high level infeed machine capable of reaching elevated production speeds.


    The Faster is a palletiser for cartons, packs, cluster and multipacks. This particular machine is characterised by the high level layer infeed which guarantees high production speeds. Depending on the speed of the line and the palletisation requirements the machine may be fed by more than one infeed (multiliner). The Faster is capable of handling half or whole pallets and it may also be equipped with an interlayer application device. The Faster may also be equipped with a centring device which guarantees the perfect positioning of the interlayer on the pallet. The machine is also available in the depalletisation version.


    Acmi first began as a manufacturer for palletising machines. For this reason, the 25 years of activity has been transformed into 25 years of experience at the service of its customers. Some of the main characteristics that the Acmi palletisers have in common are, the robustness of their structure, solidity, reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and high quality components used. Furthermore, the Faster counter distinguishes itself thanks to the mobile trolley used for the layer compacting and transfer mechanism which allows elevated speeds to be reached. The high speed version referred to as HS has the extra bonus of a moving system in the loading area. This innovation allows the pallet change over to take place in "zero time" without affecting the machine working cycle in terms of time.

    • Complete with a guide for layer compacting
    • The unloading platform opens up in the centre, creating the layers in a perfectly concentric manner
    • The Faster is equipped with a layer centring device
    • Unlike the other machines on the market place, the lifting mechanism is carried out using two motors instead of one only. The main benefits of this is shown by the maximum fluidity in movement and the robustness of the machine guaranteeing longer duration in time
    • The use of chains and components that do not require lubrication leads to a reduction in maintenance costs


    The HS version by means of an appropriate device positioned in the loading formation section allows elevated speeds to be reached (600 layers/hr and above). This machine coupled with the second generation Twisterbox can handle without any problem whatsoever a can line with 140.000 cans/hr and is the ideal solution for all the lines that require very high production speeds. The combination with the Twisterbox is indispensable because no other machine is capable of feeding the Faster at such high speeds when handling packs with 4 or 6 cans without over packing. The peculiarity of the HS version is the layer loading system. The layers arrive at the loading station after having been formed by the Twisterbox and are then loaded onto a rolling shutter which subsequently unloads everything onto the pallet. This innovative solution saves precious time in the layer loading cycle as well as pallet movement.

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