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    Medium-high speed

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    The Thunder is the line of palletises for the medium-high production range ideal for handling cartons, packs, cluster and multipacks. This type of palletiser can reach a speed of 380 layers/hr and may be used in both the beverage or food sector.


    The Thunder is used in all the lines that require medium-high production levels. It is a machine that depending on the production requested is fed in-line or at 90° and is capable of handling both full and half pallets. Unlike the Faster model palletiser the loading area of the product is "low level". The best configuration to guarantee maximum reliability and high performance levels is represented with the association to the twisterbox system.


    The machine is characterised by two loading platforms. The first, the most internal, receives the layer, this layer is then compacted using appropriate self regulating compactors and then places itself inline with the second platform by means of a vertical movement. The second external platform then receives the load by means of a transfer motion. At this stage, whilst the internal platform descends to load another layer, the external platform loads the pallet and then returns in position in order to receive a new layer from the internal platform. This collective movement allows high speeds to be reached guaranteeing at the same time the utmost reliability and duration in time.

    • It may be equipped with an interlayer positioning device and pallet magazine
    • In-line infeed or at 90°
    • Automatic interlayer infeed with centring device


    The platform number 1 receives the load and then compacts it. Subsequently the platform rises until it reaches platform number 2 then transfers the layer. Once platform number 2 has received the load it descends in order to pile the layer. Whilst the platform number 2 is carrying out this process, the number 1 platform has already returned to it’s initial position in order to receive a new layer. This synchronised movement of the two platforms is one of the main elements that favours the performance of the Thunder.

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