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    Rasar is the most versatile palletiser in the Acmi product range. With a maximum speed of 270 layers/hr (in the configuration of P136 + Twisterbox), this machine is ideal for palletising and depalletising any type of container and is perfectly integrated into medium-low production lines.


    The Rasar finds its ideal position in both the food and beverage sector, when speed is not the main issue, the Rasar demonstrates all of its numerous qualities. The different configurations of this machine are infact the origin of other models, these may be identified with the letter “P” for palletiser and “D” for depalletiser following the name. Certain models of the Rasar may be either fed either low level or high level or with a multiliner infeed. The Rasar series is capable of handling a number of different containers such as, for example, packs, cartons, plastic crates, glass or PET bottles, cans, jars or containers with foil bands. Furthermore, thanks to the use of gripping heads with inflatable tubes, even containers with particular forms reserve no secrets for this versatile palletiser.


    The Rasar series of palletisers is characterised by its robust structure and reliability. The quality of its components and the structure solidity guarantee their long duration in time. Another characteristic is the extraordinary flexibility of this machine which demonstrates its capability of handling any type of container. In comparison to the faster models the Rasar has the advantage both in terms of acquisition cost as well as maintenance costs. Infact, as with all of the Acmi machines, the use of high quality components easily found on the market place gives the customer a certain degree of autonomy in both the ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance interventions.


    The Rasar P135 is a fixed pallet palletiser. The loading area moves in a vertical sense only and may reach a palletisation speed of 210 layers/hr.

    • The products may be fed either by high infeed or low infeed
    • Self adjustable guides for compacting the layer
    • Apart from cluster, cartons and packs, the machine can also handle Lt. 5 Pet bottles, cartons and trays
    • Touch screen operators panel
    • The lifting mechanism is run by two motors
    • The P135 H version with high level infeed and multiliner configuration has the capability of palletising different products at the same time

    RASAR P135H - with high level infeed

    The Rasar P135H is the high level version of the P135 model. The application may be used in the layouts which have the  production and the warehouses situated on different levels or in the event that there is space required under the palletiser.


    The Rasar P136 is characterised by the telescopic movement of the loading area. This movement comprises three phases: in order to load the layer the loading area is transferred to the internal area of the machine, subsequently it moves along the vertical axis until it reaches the loading position of the pallet, and finally comes out of the machine and positions itself above the pallet which is to be loaded. This solution allows the P136 to reach a palletising speed of 270 layers/hr.

    • The possibility of having a multiliner configuration
    • The unloading platform opens in the centre guaranteeing the perfect transfer of the layers
    • Device for positioning interlayers between the layers
    • Self regulating guides for layer compacting


    Photographic sequence of the multiliner functioning applied to the food sector.

    • In the photograph on the left the palletiser is handling a pallet containing jars (the pallet with the jars is on the right hidden by the interlayer magazine)
    • In the photograph in the centre you can see the change over from the pallet with the jars to the pallet with cans
    • In the photograph on the right you can see that the palletiser is handling the pallet with cans (on the left you can see the pallet containing the jars in stand by)

    The palletiser can handle both formats in an independent manner and automatically adapts to the different production speeds of both of the lines (jar and can lines) maintaining constant the requested palletiser speed.


    The Rasar P180 is a palletiser for plastic crates. Depending on the type of crate, the palletiser may be equipped with a gripping head with either "pads" or "hooks".

    • Possibility of multiliner configuration (the possibility of palletising different products at the same time)
    • Two different types of gripping system with "pads" and "hooks"
    • Touch screen operators panel



    The Rasar P240 is a model ideal for handling cans, which are either full or empty. Thanks to the use of a magnetic gripping head, this palletiser can handle any type of can or canister.

    • The possibility of having a multiliner configuration
    • Palletisation speed: 180 layers/hr
    • Touch screen operators panel
    • Equipped with magnetic gripping head with transfer

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