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    Tray formers

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    Traymax is the name of the new ACMI tray former line. These are systems for the production of 600 x 400, 600 x 800 and 600 x 1000 trays that can consist of loose bottles, cans, bipacks, etc. The machine forms the tray directly around the moving product ensuring a very high production output.


    The Traymax tray former is suitable for high capacity packaging lines. The machine can handle different types of containers and reach a top speed of 15 trays per minute (HS version). The HS model is particularly suited to the bottling industry where production speeds can be very high. Thanks to this new ACMI tray former, the bottler can provide the large-scale retail trade with an innovative display system that is much more ecological and economic. In fact, the trays used by Traymax are made of cardboard, a recyclable and fully printable material. Once the pallet of trays has reached the point of sale and has been freed of the shrink wrap film, it can be positioned directly in the shopping aisles and act as a display unit for loose products, whether they be bottles, cans, bipacks, fourpacks, etc.


    The Traymax tray former line consists of medium-low capacity and high speed models (identified by the initials HS). All models are high performance systems equipped with self-lubrication and low consumption motors. ACMI carefully designs the components of all their machines in order to ensure high quality and low maintenance. The Traymax tray formers build the tray around the moving product to ensure two important advantages: great product stability and high production speed due to the continuous work cycle. The format changeover procedures are simple and easy to perform thanks to the instructions displayed on the touch screen operator panel. Compared to the robotic solution, the use of a Traymax tray former implies less occupied space, less energy consumption, less complexity of installation and management and high overall performance. The linear structure and the wide sliding doors on both sides of the machine allow easy access to the internal parts and the tray store.


    Product stability during packaging is one of the most important aspects to consider when assessing a tray former. The high stability guaranteed by the Traymax tray formers makes it possible to reach very high production speeds and makes them suitable for use on high capacity production lines. The laned product reaches the tray formation area proceeding at a constant speed; the tray coming from the bottom of the machine is inserted, open, under the product and then closed on the four sides. This sequence provides great product stability since it is not subject to stops and starts and it always moves at the same speed. All this is possible thanks to a special synchronism and extremely precise and high-tech handling systems.


    The tray former infeed must be configured according to the type of product to be handled. In the more classical case of loose bottles, the infeed consists of a “cone” structure, very similar to the one used for  ACMI shrink wrappers. This section of the machine is responsible for receiving the products from the line and arranging them in rows in order to feed the tray former with a constant, fluid movement and without damaging the external appearance of the packs and compromising their integrity. For this reason, on the Traymax tray formers there are some important details (specially designed guides and special materials) which make it possible to obtain high flowability and at the same time check the stability and preservation of the labels and surface of the containers.


    The tray store is positioned on the side of the machine. In the design phase it is possible to decide on which side to apply the store depending on the plant layout and customer requirements. The tray store works fully automatically and is equipped with several access doors to allow easy operator intervention.

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