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    Wine & Spirits

    ACMI has made a number of important installations in the “wine and spirits” sector.

    The wine industry is still highly traditional, where glass bottles are used and high production levels are never reached. The packaging plays a very important role and even more so its contents. It is an industry where craters and depalletisers are still used for empty bottles. However, alongside these “traditional” machines, you can find the more modern and flexible robots and the more functional and fast Twisterbox layer formation systems.


    The bottling of wine and alcoholic drinks is very similar from a technical and technological standpoint. For this reason, ACMI tends to consider them to be part of the same sector. 



    The ACMI supply differs depending on whether it is:

    Twisterbox Fenix Condor Faster Thunder Rasar Spider Rotofilm Conveying systems and automation Pet lines Pet compact lines One way glass lines Returnables Glass lines Can lines Keg lines Jar lines HDPE lines Brik lines 5 gallon lines

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