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    As far as technology is concerned, ACMI has repeatedly received rewards from the market (customers in the first place, but also suppliers and competitors) for the high technological development of their systems.

    It is no secret that the company in Fornovo Taro has repeatedly charted the way forward for the bottling and packaging industry, first with the Twisterbox layer formation system (2002), then with the Compact Line (2009) and today with the multipack systems among which the Easymax model (2015). Without neglecting all the systems that have contributed to the evolution of machines now considered mature and technologically consolidated: the elimination of the spacing worm screws on the mechanical handle applicator, the automatic external film changeover and the “intelligent” oven on the shrink wrapper, the electronic pre-stretching system on the stretch wrappers and the elimination of the “frame” on the palletisers. Innovation, the latter, which gave rise to the Compakt series, a category of really compact palletisers which includes the innovative HS model, a low level infeed palletiser that reaches the same production speed as a high level infeed palletiser.


    In 2011, ACMI received the “Special Ecohitech Automation Award” for the Compakt palletiser project. The Ecohitech award was established in 1998 and is the most important recognition assigned to companies or public bodies that have achieved significant results in terms of environmental friendliness through the use of innovative technologies and solutions.

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