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Special robotic palletisers for the formation of pallet displays.


Condor P220 is a robotic palletiser equipped with a special pick-up head for loose bottles. The simple construction, the great accessibility guaranteed by the robotic structure and the special palletising head make this machine the ideal solution for the production of pallet displays with PET bottles.


CONDOR P136/P220

This is a special configuration that allows a single system to handle the packs of PET bottles on the one hand and the loose bottles palletised on a tray or on a pallet display on the other (the Condor robot changes the pick-up head automatically to switch from one configuration to the other). The system can be designed both with the low-level infeeds, both with the high-level infeeds or with the high-level infeed of one product and the low-level infeed of the other. The layer formation of the part concerning the packs of bottles is handled by the Twisterbox system, while for the loose bottles a special laning and accumulation conveyor belt is placed at the infeed.




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