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In this section of the website we have collected a series of installations representative of ACMI’s ability to design and build innovative packaging and bottling lines. For each installation there is a brief description of the project. If you would like to receive more information, you can contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


This is a very fast PET line of 44,000 bottles per hour for 1.5 litre square bottles equipped with the famous “compact” labeller-shrink wrapper connection system. In addition to supplying all the machines that make up the “dry” part of the line, we also took care of the supervision system and the line certification service, in collaboration with Pilz Italia.


In Argentina we supplied one of the most important and famous wine producers in all of South America: Familia Falascos. This is a complete line for wine that reaches a filling speed of 24,000 bottles per hour and is able to handle four different formats. We took care of the design of the entire bottling line and managed the integration of those machines that are not part of our product range.


Our robotic solutions are particularly suitable for the pet food sector in which we have good collaborations with the main international brands. As regards this installation, we dealt with two ends of line with different productions: the first handles seven formats and reaches a nominal “filling” speed of 74,400 cans per hour, while the second handles nine formats with a nominal speed of 36,000 cans per hour.


We proposed our innovative repacking solutions to the American beer giant to help it respond more effectively to new market demands. Our proposal was welcomed with enthusiasm and today the multinational has the most innovative repacking line ever installed, capable of handling 10 formats with a speed of 51,000 cans per hour at the palletiser. As this is repacking, we were able to provide a complete “turnkey” solution.


Non returnable glass line of 33,000 bottles per hour. We began our adventure with the production of palletisers and depalletisers for glass lines and after almost forty years of activity our experience places us at the top of the category. Project layout, integration, supply of the main machines, conveyor belts and conveying systems: these are our skills and competences.


For PepsiCo USA we made a complete repacking line capable of combining four different flavours in a fully automatic way. The line consists of several robotic systems equipped with special gripping heads. In particular, we supplied a robotic depalletiser with a vacuum head and two robots, a decrater and a combiner, equipped with special heads able to handle multiple formats without the need to replace the gripping equipment.


This is an interesting can filling line of 60,000 pieces per hour installed in Italy. We took care of the design of the entire line, integrating the necessary machines, and we took charge of testing the system. The line handles three different formats and numerous pack configurations. Another important feature of this line is the presence of the Vortex 500 model rotating ring stretch wrapper equipped with the automatic pre-stretch unit changeover system.


When the food sector looks for speed, flexibility and technology in a packaging line, ACMI solutions become the best choice to make. This is the case of the Nestrade group (Nestlé) which commissioned us to produce a robotic end of line for food cans. The choice fell on the Condor P136 model with a traditional 90-degree infeed system.


We also have several installations in operation in the edible oil sector. For the French group Lesieur, we supplied four packaging lines with our Traymax HS continuous tray formers coupled with the Condor P136 robotic palletiser. This configuration makes it possible to manage both shrink packs and trays in a single system.


At the South American Coca-Cola FEMSA plant we installed a battery of 4 complete PET bottle lines in two successive phases. Two of the four lines are designed with the “compact” labeller-shrink wrapper connection, a system that allows you to preserve the integrity of the bottles and reach higher packaging speeds. The 4 lines handle 15 formats, ranging from 0.2 to 3 litres, and have a nominal filling speed of 44,000 bottles per hour.


Acqua Lete is one of the leading Italian companies in the bottling of mineral water. They are a long-standing customer of ours and their latest project is a very fast returnable glass line of 50,000 bottles per hour in the 1 litre format. This is a very high speed for this type of system.


5 gallon lines and large format lines are another speciality of ours. Also in these projects we are able to manage the supply as a line integrator, coordinating the various parties involved. The speeds we can achieve are around 1,200-1,500 big bottles per hour (5 gallon format).


This system is an example of a high-speed aseptic line installation. In fact, it reaches a speed of 30,800 bottles per hour and handles three different formats: 1, 1.5 and 2 litres. The Refresco line is one of the many aseptic installations that we have carried out.


Beer sector, a line of 60,000 pieces per hour for slim and sleek cans in four different formats. We have always been suppliers of the main international beer brands and our skills range from can lines to keg lines, passing through the more traditional glass lines.


At this famous winery in the north-west of Italy we installed two complete lines for wine that reach a maximum filling speed of 36,000 bottles per hour in five different formats. At the time of installation, these were the fastest bottling lines for wine in operation in Italy.


We supplied Coca-Cola European Partner with a very high-speed end of line. In order to handle a nominal filling production of 120,000 cans per hour, we worked on our Faster palletiser to make a very fast version called Faster HS (High Speed). We also introduced a continuous pack divider using the Twisterbox system.


Nestlé Waters, Thailand. The so-called “Asia-Pacific” area is an important market for ACMI and extends as far as Australia where, incidentally, we have numerous glass lines for wine in operation. At the Nestlé plant we installed a very fast line for 0.6 litre PET bottles that reaches a nominal filling speed of 56,000 bottles per hour.


Even in the field of keg lines we have the right technology to make high-performance installations. Obviously, we are specialised in the production of the dry part of the line, including depalletisation, and we range from the classic 20 or 30 litre kegs to 6 kg kegs, a decidedly more particular product, packed individually in plastic crates, as in the case in question.


The Danone group is another of our long-standing customers. In Mexico we carried out a double installation of PET lines, one of 25,000 bottles per hour and the other of 36,000 bottles per hour. The pecularity of this project lies in the infeed system to the shrink wrappers, on one line we installed the “compact” connection, while on the other our special 30° infeed.

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