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    Robotic system

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    Condor is a latest generation multifunction robot that is used both as a palletisation system and a carton packing, crating and decrating system. In these last three cases, the robot is equipped with special gripping heads that are able to handle any type of container.


    Condor is used in medium-low speed production lines belonging to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. What allows the Condor to be integrated into a packaging line are the gripping heads that ACMI designs on a made to measure basis for any type of container. Condor is a robot that can move along 4 axes and that can be effectively used on returnable and non returnable glass lines, both with carton packaging and plastic crates. 


    Flexibility and reliability are the strengths of this machine. The flexibility is the ability to handle any format by means of suitable gripping heads. It is important to stress that the gripping head changeovers can take place fully automatically, without any operator intervention. The reliability of the machine is ensured by the strength of the materials used which also implies less maintenance. The Condor robot is a machine that does not require any further intervention once the operating cycle has been programmed. It is also possible to add new formats over the course of time through the simple re-programming and use of specific gripping heads.


    The Condor robot can be equipped with an automatic head changeover system that ensures greater productivity and reduced format changeover times. It is an accessory that is particularly useful on multiformat lines.
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