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    ACMI can depalletisers belong to the FASTER D200 series. This high speed depalletiser is characterized by the high level product outfeed and by the presence of a cabin in which the pallet moves with the layers to be depalletised. Due to its high operating speed and some interesting details, FASTER D200 is particularly recommended to be installed in fast lines of 120,000 cans per hour and more. FASTER D200 has very low running and maintenance costs.  


    The pallet of products enters a special containment cabin with converging walls which protects the layers of products to be depalletised. As the pallet lift raises the pallet, the layer transfer system moves the layer to be depalletised onto the unloading conveyor. This operation is very quick since the layers reach the depalletisation zone with the containers perfectly aligned thanks to the containment cabin. A linear interlayer removal system completes the FASTER D200 equipment.


    Thanks to special recovery systems, the ACMI depalletiser can handle plastic, wooden and iron frames and collect them in an appropriate store. The same can be done with the interlayers that separate the layers and with the pallets on which the containers rest. These parts can be handled in an integrated way so as to meet the specific needs of the customer. In particular, Faster D200 can recover the frames and build a stack of frames only or a stack alternating a frame and a pallet, or it can stack the interlayers onto the pallet in order to make them easier to handle with the forklift truck. The machine can reuse the same pallets for these sorting operations that conveyed the containers. The depalletiser can be set to handle pallets of different dimensions.

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