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    Fixed pallet

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    Vortex is a rotating ring stretch wrapper able to reach very high speeds. It consists of a structural steel frame with an innovative stretch wrapper ring that moves inside it. The efficiency of this system revolves around the electronic pre-stretching unit that is able to vary continuously the film pre-stretching level. This stretch wrapper is ideal for handling half and quarter pallets and can reach a top speed of 150 pallets per hour. 


    The Vortex stretch wrapper can mount reels with heights of 500 mm, 750 mm or 1,000 mm and is suitable for high capacity production lines. In fact, the strong frame, the automatic pre-stretching unit changeover systems and other interesting details make the Vortex stretch wrapper a very high performance machine. The special, very compact structure makes it possible to insert this exceptional machine even into layouts which have very little space available or integrate it with the Compakt palletiser structure containing, in fact, a good portion of the end of line in a few metres. The height is also reduced to a minimum considering that the top presser, when installed, is contained entirely in the main structure.


    The search for the pallet height is automatic and the film welding system is “bar against bar” without welding the film on the product. Thanks to the double brushless motorisation, the film unwinding speed undergoes continuous variations to be able to coordinate with the ring rotation speed and therefore ensure constant film tension. With this new stretch wrapper it is possible to create totally customizable stretch wrapping and tensioning programmes. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages and features, it is interesting to highlight the top speed of 150 pallets per hour, the roping system, the automatic pre-stretching changeover system, the pre-stretching capacity of 400% and the possibility of applying the top cover or the hermetic cycle. The Vortex stretch wrapper is an ideal solution for handling half and quarter pallets.


    The system consists of two motorized pre-stretching trolleys capable of moving along linear guides that are installed on the side of the machine and convey the pre-stretching unit towards the operator intervention zone. The operation is very simple, once the working reel of film has finished or if the stretch wrapping cycle stops because the film breaks, the machine starts the automatic pre-stretching unit changeover procedure and stops the pre-stretching to be replaced at the free trolley on which it is unhooked. Then it moves to the second trolley position, hooks the second pre-stretching equipped with a new reel and resumes the stretch wrapping cycle. The pre-stretching unit with the finished reel is led to the safety zone where the operator can intervene without interfering with the operation of the machine.


    The machine is equipped with a film pre-stretching system which houses the reel and consists of two independent motorized rollers. This particular high-tech solution is the one which more than any other has an impact on the actual convenience of this type of machine. In fact, thanks to the fully electronic management of all the pre-stretching parameters, Vortex allows considerable film saving. If the characteristics of the film allow it, the machine can reach a pre-stretching percentage of 400% and, what is even more interesting, the electronic management allows total customization of the stretch wrapping cycle, including the roping. This system always makes it possible to use the ideal amount of film, optimizing reel consumption and providing accurate information about the amount of film that is actually used.

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