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    Viper handle applicator

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    ACMI presents the new "Viper" handle applicator line. Available in a single, double or triple lane version, the new ACMI handle applicators have a linear structure which combine elements of models with mechanical action along with characteristics of the electronic models to offer high levels of performance and flexibility, at the same time maintaining great functioning reliability.

    This machine associates an electronic spacing system with the mechanical handle application unit, thus avoiding the use of spacing worm screws and relative inefficiencies linked to wear, friction on the product and complications with the format changeover.

    Main features:

    • Compact structure
    • No spacing screws
    • Independent application heads
    • 100 packs/min for each head
    • Complete accessibility to the internal parts of the machine
    • Touch screen control panel
    • Simple and fast format changeovers
    • Suitable for applications on the ACMI Compact Line

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