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    Quality Policy

    ISO 9001:2015

    For customers and parties concerned to be increasingly satisfied with the products and services provided, in compliance with applicable mandatory requirements, ACMI identifies the following macro objectives:



    To better understand the external and internal context in which it operates, responding to change with dynamism and a continuous drive to meet the needs of all the parties concerned, from the design phase to the after-sales assistance.



    To look for continuous improvement of its products, processes and service packages in the business of packaging machines and systems, thanks to a consolidated R&D sector that is sensitive to the requests of the customer and of the global context.

    To learn from experience in the field, to promote products that are increasingly performing and competitive, as well as upgrades of products already on the market.

    To provide effective customer assistance for all your service needs.

    To continuously increase the skills and professionalism of all its staff and preserve their organisational knowledge, thanks to the continuous training and coaching of new hires by more experienced staff.

    To carefully select suppliers and external collaborators so that they contribute to the overall growth of the company.

    To keep over time an effective integrated management system in the business, supported by challenging improvement objectives and actively supported by the resources involved.



    To promote the risk-based approach, with a view to managing the risks associated with the processes, promoting all the actions necessary for their mitigation and also identifying all possible opportunities.



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