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    Easymax is an innovative packaging system which does not use glue or shrink wrapping to pack together several products through the use of special bands of extensible material calles “sleeves” that are fully printable and customizable. The Easymax system performs three functions: the first function is the packaging of packs consisting of two products (called bipack), the second function consists of the application of the handle on these packs of two and the third function is the grouping into a logistic pack of three bipacks, for a total of six products. All these grouping operations are performed using the same principle as Easypack, that is the application of extensible sleeves.


    Easymax is a revolutionary packaging system that allows the production of a logistic pack ready to be palletised. The logistic pack, consisting of three bipacks with handles applied to them, is designed to fulfil storage and transport requirements, while the three bipacks contained in it represent complete and highly visible sales units. The machine reaches such a speed that it is able to handle a modern bottling line and represents an interesting alternative for the production of innovative packs that meet the requirements of the modern consumer in terms of practicality and external appearance. The insertion of the machine within the line saves space, too.


    The main advantages of this system are represented by the great packaging flexibility that also allows products to be mixed with different flavours in the same bipack. From a technical point of view the machine does not use glue or heat which is beneficial both for the environment and the workplace. In addition, purchasing, running and maintenance costs are considerably reduced, too. Finally, it is important to point out the simplicity of operation, the reduced maintenance and the rather limited overall dimensions: Easymax receives the loose bottles and delivers a pack that is ready for the palletisation phase. Easymax is also the ideal system for the re-packing application.


    Easymax is a highly industrialized system. It consists of a sleeve application unit to form packs of two products, a series of application heads that position the handle on the bipacks and a final application head for the formation of the logistic pack through the use of an elastic sleeve. All product movements take place smoothly and continuously and are driven and synchronized by an algorithm that ensures maximum production efficiency. The large Lexan doors allow the operator to easily inspect all the internal parts of the machine. The speed of the Easypack system is 180 packs per minute.

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