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    Ab InBev UK

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    A can line of 90,000 cph. Formats: 0.33 – 0.44 – 0.5 – 0.568 L.

    Not far from Bristol (UK) is the AB-InBev factory in which ACMI designed and built a new end of line for cans. The project consists of a Twisterbox continuous layer formation system with carbon grippers associated with a fast Faster high level infeed palletiser and a rotating ring stretch wrapper.



    The palletisation system revolves aroung the ingenious Twisterbox, an ACMI patent that has revolutionized the concept of layer formation. The Twisterbox installed on this line is second generation with carbon grippers and consists of 3 modules able to handle a filling production capacity of 90,000 cans/hour. The Twisterbox is characterized by a format changeover procedure managed completely by the operator panel, low maintenance and a high level of reliability also due to ACMI’s vast experience in the construction of this type of system. The great flexibility and the care with which it handles the containers make this machine ideal for both can and glass bottle beer lines. The entire system has been configured to handle six different pack configurations.


    A rotating ring stretch wrapper completes the supply.

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