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    Danone - Badoit

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    Returnable/non returnable glass line of 32,000 bph. Formats: 0.25 – 0.33 – 0.5 – 0.75 - 1 L.

    At the Badoit mineral water bottling factory, belonging to the Danone group, ACMI designed and built a highly flexible glass bottling line. The line in question, which has a top filling speed of 32,000 bottles per hour, is able to handle returnable and non returnable bottles of 25, 33, 50, 75 and 100 cl and pack them in cartons and crates.



    The first machine of the line is the Rasar D200 depalletiser with high level unloading. This system receives the pallets of empty bottles and depalletises them unloading them at a higher level where the discharge conveyors are. The installed version is equipped with an independent layer centering device that allows time saving during the pallet changeover phase, and with the SCARA robot, which has the task of handling the inverted trays, the interlayers and the pallets. The robot transfers each of these elements to the appropriate stores, placed near the machine, in which they are collected separately.



    Another of the machines installed that deserves attention is the Condor robot. This has the task of inserting the bottles coming from the line into the cartons or crates. With regard to the non returnable glass category (25 - 50 - 100 cl), the robot is equipped with a dedicated gripping head for each format. On the line in question the head changeover takes place manually, however the machine can be designed with the automatic changeover system according to production requirements. The head in question is the “double” type and consists of two rows of three heads each (3+3) capable of reaching a carton packing speed of 40,000 bottles per hour. In addition to speed, another advantage of the Condor robot is its great flexibility. In fact, it is possible to add new formats at any time by equipping the robot with the specific gripping head. The carton packer robot infeed is designed to reduce pressure on the bottles arriving from the line and prevent excessive friction from damaging the surface and label.



    The palletisation could only be entrusted to the Twisterbox layer formation system that, in the case of Badoit, was associated to the Condor palletisation robot. This precise technical choice was dictated by the necessity of palletising both cartons of bottles and plastic crates with the same machine. The Twisterbox system is equipped with two modules and is able to handle both formats with the same efficiency and switch from one format to the other by intervening solely on the operator panel. The Condor robot associated with the Twisterbox is equipped with two different gripping heads: the openable platform head is used to handle cartons, while the perimeter pad head is used to palletise plastic crates. This system has a number of clear advantages: high running speed, low maintenance, great flexibility, reliability and compactness. The pallets prepared by the palletiser are transferred to the rotating arm stretch wrapper using a wire-guided shuttle supplied by ACMI. The shuttle in question is characterized by having floor sliding tracks so as to allow the transit of forklift trucks directly to the warehouse. Overall it is a highly automated line, able to switch from handling returnable to non returnable glass in quite a limited period of time, and to handle a large amount of formats with high production efficiency.

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