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    Coca-Cola Wakefield

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    A can line of 120,000 cph. Format: 0.33 – 0.5 L.

    At the Coca-Cola Wakefield factory, UK, ACMI made an end of line for cans able to handle a rated filling speed of 120,000 cans per hour. This exceptional speed resulted in the installation of a double Twisterbox system to be able to reach a palletisation capacity of more than 160,000 cans per hour even with 3x2 packs of cans. The pack conveyors are fully automated and can handle different formats: 3x2, 4x2, 4x3 and 6x4 on trays.



    The Twisterbox layer formation system is one of ACMI’s greatest technological achievements and has literally revolutionized the concept of palletisation. At the Wakefield factory there are a number of Twisterbox systems installed, reflecting the fact that it is a very popular and high performance machine, innovative, easy to use, with low maintenance and a fully automated format changeover system. The Twisterbox handles any type of layer configuration and any type of container or pack, transferring the layers to the palletiser with impeccable precision. The format changeover operations are managed exclusively through the operator panel and the maintenance required is minimal. It is important to emphasize that the second generation of the ACMI patent has been further improved both in terms of the programming as well as mechanical aspects. One of the most fascinating technological components of the Twisterbox are the grippers that represent one of the cornerstones of the system.

    Continuing with the description of the supply, the two Twisterbox systems receive the packs of cans from the conveyors, which are equipped with the automatic format changeover, and form the layers by feeding two fast Faster high level infeed palletisers. At the outfeed of the two Fasters, a series of roller conveyors convey the pallets towards two rotating ring stretch wrappers with the top cover system and the automatic reel changeover. The two stretch wrappers are placed in sequence one after the other.

    The end of line made in this way has a very high production capacity, rather low energy consumption and very low running and maintenance costs. A single operator is able to manage the entire system through a single operator panel. 

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