This section of the website highlights the main installations made by ACMI worldwide. With over thirty years of experience, hundreds of projects and cutting-edge technology, ACMI is considered the ideal partner by major multinational and national beverage bottlers.

    Using the georeferencing it is possible to have an overview of the installations according to the area of interest (mineral water, juices and soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits, milk, food and more). To open the drop-down menu click on the + symbol in the top right-hand corner of the “Installation” box.

    To make it easier to consult the interactive map only the most important installations have been mentioned: the information displayed for each installation, where available, are the customer’s name, the production sector and the rated filling speed. 

    Twisterbox Fenix Condor Faster Thunder Rasar Spider Rotofilm Conveying systems and automation Pet lines Pet compact lines One way glass lines Returnables Glass lines Can lines Keg lines Jar lines HDPE lines Brik lines 5 gallon lines

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